Welcome to Raindrops On Roses, formally Known as Precious Moments, the one and only TakutoXMeroko Shrine, also the TAFL Approved Negi Ramen Fanlisting (adopted from Daisy). It has been one crazy ride trying to get all of this together, but we are slowly getting all of our pages back. For the most consistant updates and inside scoops, please also join our forum.

Update; 12/24/06

Yay, there's been a new layout added to the site, thanks to Banna! Also there's been 3 new avatars added to the avatar section!

Update; 10/23/06

Man, we aren't too good at the whole "update" thing, are we? No matters. Rather small update; we have some new avatars, donated by Jeanne. That's all for now.

Update; 9/22/06

We have a new layout by: Ayane, I hope you like it! There are tons of new stuff in the gallery section, & new sprites! There are also more affiliates aswell, please be sure to visit there sites.

Update; 9/7/06

Well, this is the first *official* update, I guess! We put up some more screencaps, got the members of the fanlisting all put up, and added a few affiliates! Beat that! Just kidding. Please, do be sure to visit and join the forum!